Trend Forecasting


Trend Bible

Trend Bible is forecasting future trends and predicts consumer behavior to help brands and retailers build commercially successful product ranges.

The interior trend book includes four key trends for the season, supported with social, cultural and consumer trend information that allows you to see how the trends are formulated and forecasted.

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Next Interior Trend

Each trend is described in detail with text and keywords, as well as inspiration from both individual product images as collage. 2 main colors are highlighted for each trend and in various color combinations for the 4 main styles "Soft Tech", "Romantic Heritage", "Neo Nordic" and "Caribbean Glam"". All colors are presented in original Pantone® cotton TCX and printed on paper in closest possible match.

This is the perfect tool for interior designers and buyers, to use in its collection work and to bring on their purchasing trips.

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Chiron Il Libro

A New Chiron Forecast Book deeply concentrated on the interior sector. The color mood with Pantone references of the year are presented together with 7 thematic story boards. An extensive trend source with more than 100 pages, dressed by fabric concepts and inspirational elements.

Impressive images are combined with new material ideas. Atmospheric texts and key words characterize the new interior decor moods.

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Trend Pulse

Online Trend Service

Created and edited by a team of industry experts, the TrendPulse online service is a dynamic and highly visual research tool.

It gives insights into global trends in lifestyle and home interior products and is used by retailers, suppliers, buyers, merchandisers and designers working in the lifestyle and home interiors markets worldwide.

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Mood Sign Elements

Elements Trend book is a useful and effective tool for all those creative realities that need a guided path between colors, fabrics and yarns for men and women. With 40 colors on yarn, 5 trend scenarios, color harmonies, photographic collections, yarns and more than a hundred materials, the trend book predicts 18 months in advance the main future trends within in womanswear, menswear, knitwear and interior design.

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